Yellow Dock / Yellow Root

If you live in a rural environment with hard compacted soil, full of clay and rocks, chances are you've seen yellow dock. Most animals just sniff and walk away because of its bitter taste. This root is a common name among traditional medicine advocates because it is a medicinal powerhouse. In my opinion anything that works as an anti-inflammatory soldier can and will have a place in my apothecary pantry. Yellow dock can help with bladder infections, sore throat, gastritis, mucous in the chest, gum tenderness, cold symptoms, liver bogginess, arthritis, eczema, constipation, athletes foot and ringworm. The list continues so we always encourage everyone to actively research a plant before partaking and make sure that you have identified the correct plant by foraging with individuals who have experience or by using a plant identifying app like PictureThis. All of the plants we source grow on our property, away from traffic and noise pollution. Why mention noise you may ask? Well because plants are living things that reverberate and internalize just like humans, so the closer a plant can remain in its organic state, the healthier the plant can be for itself and humans. If you are interested in sourcing Yellow Dock/ Yellow Root for its medicinal properties, consider finding a local farmer/ gardener who is familiar with the plant and can also provide you with some information about its attributes. We understand the convenience of markets that have a variety of fruits and roots but if the vendor is reselling a product, they have no history on the plants origin. There is no history of the soil health, the air quality, the water the plant was fed (chlorinated) perhaps the plant was harvested from the side of the road at a busy intersection. These are questions that should be asked and answered and for the most part only the grower can provide an acceptable response. If you enjoyed reading this let us know and if you'd like to learn more about Yellow Dock we offer classes that give more in depth information. Don't forget to check out our apothecary page for our tinctures, teas and roots. (Roots are harvested early spring and winter only)

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