What Joy Village School Farm tour looked like 2023

While many people celebrated Cinco de Mayo with food and drinks, we planned to have school age children ages 5-14 to visit Young Female Farm. Joy Village School in Athens Georgia learned about a functioning small African American female run farm. We introduced the students to the stocked pond, the horses and our endless supply of manure. We went into the greenhouse, showing the students how to pot up squash seeds and then we ventured into the soil garden. The students were admonished to always be aware of their surroundings when outdoors, looking at the ground for ants and other crawling wildlife. They saw rows of corn, peppers and squash peeping through the soil and some of the students were able to identify the corn seedlings. They learned about fruit trees on the property and wild mullein and its uses. The students finished the tour with sack lunches that they brought from home and autographed copies of my "Looking to the Clouds for Daddy" book. We enjoyed having the students and their teachers come visit our farm, and hope that the tour was memorable and will spark more interest in where their food comes from.

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