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Have you ever wondered what's inside of your trusted tea bag? I say trusted because how many of us as consumers assume that what we purchase is healthy- especially in the tea aisle of our favorite grocery store. Herbal tea is something our family has been raised on. Meaning when you have a rough day at school, you drop a tea bag in a cup. When you have stomach cramps, you drop a tea bag in a cup. When you feel a sore throat/cold coming on, you drop a tea bag in a mug for extra measure, but who thinks about cutting a bag open and looking at the contents? "That would be a waste of money!" Besides, once the bag hits that steaming water, the scent is already wafting through the air, validating the health benefits with its fragrance, right? Well, not so fast, maybe that smell isn't a guarantee that a tea bag's contents is full of medicinal properties. On the left is a store-bought bag of tea in our house, that smells really good (lemon flavor). But when you look really closely at the contents, it reminds me of cayenne pepper, with some dust particles. Now my intention is not to offend any tea companies, but I don't see any distinguishable leaves in the picture on the left. Go ahead and take a good long look... but the pile of leaves on the right is what we grow on our farm. No artificial colors, or flavors- just the leaves themselves, hand-picked, dehydrated, and mixed for their medicinal properties. No middle man or third-party involvement. Nothing is handled by people we don't know, and nothing is shipped to our farm from outside sources. Our plants grow 300' from our back door. We encourage you to be inquisitive and take control of what goes inside of your bodies. We advocate that you always consult your healthcare provider or physician before you ingest any herbal supplement, and if the coast is clear then try our herbal teas. You won't be disappointed. *tea pictured on the right is our Grape Leaf, Lemon Balm, Hibiscus, Tulsi and Ginger mix*

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