Mullein in the house!

She is such a beautiful plant and we feel extra special to steward the land that these plants grow on. Last year we had 6 very hearty plants in the area pictured but this year, my oh my, a bumper crop has arisen and why, because Mullein is a biennial or perennial plant. It reseeds itself especially if it likes the area its chosen to reside in. We believe that every plant has a purpose and a season to be prolific. 2023 has had a rainy spring which means more pollen, more chest congestion, runny noses and watery, itchy eyes. Mullein treats many of the symptoms I just listed, through tinctures, salves, baths, teas, compresses and smoke inhalation. I'm sure that there's a ton more uses that I've left out being that there are over 450 species of this plant. There are a few look a likes so if you're not sure about the plants identification take a picture of the leaf and its size, and ask your local extension agent to help you because you wouldn't want to ingest a harmful plant. There are also some great plant identifying apps like PictureThis that will help keep you safer than sorry. We hope that our experience with this lovely plant inspires you to explore and become acquainted with the plant allies in your community or land. Make sure you ask permission before foraging on someone else's property. Don't take more than needed. Don't take from plants that live near traffic areas. Learn all you can about the plant, its aesthetic value and medicinal purposes. In the mean time we offer information about our mullein tea on our Apothecary page and our mullein tincture is for sale on the Store tab. We ship internationally.

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