Much about Mulch: and the difference in color

Mulch! We recently loaded a video on our Instagram page of our mulch delivery. Lots of questions have surfaced in reference to its use inside of a vegetable garden. Many people use a variety of mulches for landscaping their shrubs, trees and flowers for visual appeal and moisture retention especially in the summer. However not all mulch is the same, some are made of dyed material that may not be suitable for your vegetable garden. We prefer Double Ground Hardwood because its all natural, no dyes or additives and it breaks down during the season which allows for easy tillage the following year. We use this mulch in between our beds to suppress the weeds that naturally want to cohabitate with our planted crops. The space you're growing in will determine the amount of mulch needed. If you have a small area than you can purchase bags of mulch at your local nursery, but if you have a large garden area than having a truck load delivered would be more cost effective. The picture here is 7 yards and how did we arrive at that amount? We had to know the dimensions of our garden area, total square footage, the amount of rows and the width. A little bit of math but doable. We also allotted for a little extra to put around our fruit trees too. Just remember that like chemicals, dyes don't belong inside of your vegetable garden, and if in doubt ask your local nursery professionals, they are always glad to help. 

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