April brings more than showers!

Spring has showered us with more than flowers this growing season. We have been gifted a grant through the Persimmon Collective Fund which is a practitioner-led mutual aid resource to support BIPOC farmers and land stewards. Our farm has worked very hard to learn, grow, educate, and provide healthy herbs, fruits and vegetables to our youth and seniors in and around our surrounding counties. We know how important food sovereignty is and being a part of the greater good allows us peace of mind and a soft pillow to lay upon. Recalling stories from our past and willfully sharing them, while weaving them through plants and soil is what our farm is all about. Micah will be working with us this summer and he's already excited about planting his first blueberry bushes, identifying perennials, and transplanting herbs. If you'd like to learn about the soil, talk about plants, or share stories, contact us through our website or our social media platforms.

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