About Us

Excellent Seasonal Produce Farm in Bishop

Young Female Farmers is a family-owned and operated farming business that was established in 2006 with a strong commitment to healthy living, environmental respect, sustainability, education, and entrepreneurship. Our mission is to promote sustainable ...

Our Love For Sustainability

At Young Female Farmers, we are committed to reducing our carbon footprint and promoting sustainability. Our farm is powered by renewable energy sources, and we use composting, cover cropping, and crop rotation to promote soil health and reduce waste. We ...

Be Part of This Journey!

We take pride in creating a welcoming and inclusive environment for all of our customers. Whether you're a seasoned gardener or a beginner, we'll take the time to understand your unique needs and provide you with personalized advice and support. We ...


Where do I begin with just how incredible this family is? They are the kindest, sweetest, and smartest family that you'll ever meet. Their...  Read more
Oct 15, 2022
Brett Allwood
An experience that must not happen only once in your lifetime. This is Young Female Farmers. These amazing ladies are what hospitality is all...  Read more
May 4, 2021